Bollywood Music Assignment

Make sure its properly done. 

This assignment is about identifying the song. I’m going to upload a link and a word document containing indian music glossary and the lecture on film songs.
Mainly to discuss more specifically in regards to the form and instruments used. Note the type of film song.(Types of Film Songs lecture) Identify the sections of the song. Describe changes in instrumentation in relation to the arrangement of the song that you hear. Use terms from the glossary to describe what you are hearing. Provide information on how the songs are picturized. (picturization is a term used to describe how visuals are put to the song. 

-Basically this song is based on the rituals happened during indian weddings in this movie. 

Below is the link to the song with English subtitles This song is related to engagement ceremony.. 

There will be 2 songs in total can you doone paragraph that song i posted andone paragraph the otherone. 
So it will be 2 paragraphs in total of 1 page


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