Bolshevik Revolution

First, read these sections of the Communist Manifesto book: Leon Trotsky, “Zimmerwald Manifesto”, pp. 223-226; Lenin, “Task of the Proletariat”, pp. 227-231; Lenin”Declaration of Rights”, 236-238 (about 8 pages of total reading!).

Take notes as you read, specifically looking to answer the following question: What did the socialist revolutionaries in Russia want during WWI?

Now watch this Discovery Channel documentary on Russia during WWI. It describes the difficulties the government of Russia faced, but perhaps from a different perspective.

Then answer the following question (in no more than one paragraph): Based on what we have learned about World War I, both this week and through the readings above, how could one criticize the perspective on Russia during the War and Revolution portrayed in the Discovery Channel documentary you just watched? What perspective does it leave out, and why might that be important?


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