Book essay about Amistad Rebellion Atlantic Odyssey of slavery and freedom by marcus rediker

The essays will be a minimum of three full pages in length. All direct quotations must contain a citation from the book explaining where you obtained that material. (Rediker, 72) Paraphrased material need not be cited for this assignment. Include material from all parts of the book. Answer all parts of the question. Give specific examples in your answer. Provide analysis and explanations for the statements you make. No other sources other than this book.
Question 1) You are an unnamed member of the Mendi people who took part in the Amistad rebellion. Tell a story to your family upon your return to Africa explaining what happened to you. Examine the conditions in Africa for yourself and the other Amistad Africans. Examine social relations, economic conditions and status, and the political systems in which you all lived. Explain how you all became enslaved in Africa. Explain the rebellion that took place on the Amistad. Examine the decisions and actions of the Africans and the whites on board. Assess how those actions dictated the outcome of the rebellion. Trace the legal and political arguments in the United States surrounding the Amistad Africans. Explain the reasons some whites wanted to free you, and explain the arguments why some wanted to return you to slavery. Assess the role of abolitionists in these debates. Examine the influence you had on American population culture. Explore how newspapers, plays, pictures, speeches and other cultural items depicted you. Explain how those depictions revealed abolitionism, racism or other views within the American public. Explain how you all came to see yourselves as the Mendi people working together to become free. Examine the African institutions, traditions and culture that helped you. Explain how you manipulated American culture and Christianity to forward your goals. Examine how you’re turned home. Assess the role of Christianity and missionaries in your return. Explain how you regarded the Americans once safely back in Africa. Explain the differences in the reactions between yourself and others who returned.


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