Book Review/Directed Research Paper

iew of the book, Culture War? the myth of a polarized america 3rd edition. In a critical review, you thoroughly describe the authors’ thesis and how the authors support their thesis. In providing a critical review of the book, it is absolutely essential that you engage in reading other journal articles or books that critique and counter Fiorina and his colleagues. The scholar who has done this the most is Alan Abramowitz. He is the the first person you should read in considering whether Fiorina and his colleagues are correct.
The basic requirements of the paper are these:
You must submit it as a Word document. If you submit it in any other format, I may not read it and will arbitrarily assign a grade somewhere between 0 and 50.
A title page, an abstract page, and a references page are all required.
The paper should be approximately 8 pages in length, excluding title page, abstract page, and references page. In other words, I want 8 pages of you writing about the topic.
You are required to use APA style for formatting throughout the entire paper.
The paper needs to be double spaced throughout, including the title page and the references page.
You are required to use 12-point, Times New Roman font throughout the paper, including the title page.
Margins should be 1 inch, all the way around.
You are required to have a minimum of 8 references (see additional information below).
Due date: December 12 by 11:59 PM. Please submit through Blackboard.
Late assignments will not be accepted.
You are required to have 8 good sources. For purposes of this assignment, good sources are defined as the following.

Peer-reviewed journals;
The book you are reviewing (i.e., Culture War) is considered a reference to be included on the references list. And yes, it counts as one of the 8 references.
You may use one (1) polling website to provide data to support any of your points. For example, if you see some particular data at Pew Research or Gallup, you may use that as a source. But you can only use 1 to count as one of your 8 sources. If you have 7 other good sources, then you can cite to more than one Pew or Gallup data report.
The above list is not intended to be exhaustive. If you have any questions about a source that you want to use, then simply send me an email with the information regarding the source. I will let you know if it’s an appropriate source or not.
For purposes of this paper, the following are not considered good sources, should not be used, and will not be considered as counting toward the 8 sources:

Newspapers (such as The New York Times) or popular magazines (such as Time or Newsweek);
Websites such as CNN, Fox News, Huffington Post, or MSNBC;
Reports, articles, or columns posted to websites that are clearly not peer reviewed in any sense of the term;
Reports posted at Think Tanks.
The above list is not intended to be exhaustive. If you have any questions about a source that you want to use, then simply send me an email with the information regarding the source. I will let you know if it’s an appropriate source or not.
Attached are a couple of documents that you should find useful. The first is an example of a book review that I wrote “back in the day.” This example should provide you some useful guidelines in how to write a book review of this nature. Basically, the first half of the essay is describing the book, and the second half of the essay is critiquing the book.

The second document is a grading rubric. A grading rubric should be used similar to a checklist to make sure you’re including everything you should in the essay. It also illustrates the relative importance of each item by assigning point values to the item.
Below are a list of sources that may be used in addition to other resources that are found with your own research.
Abramowitz and Saunders: Is Polarization a Myth?
Fiorina and Abrams: Political Polarization in the American Public
Fiorina et al.: Misconceptions and Misreadings
Francia et al.: America Divided
Layman et al.: Party Polarization
Prior: Media and Political Polarization
Political Polarization

Political Polarization in the American Public


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