"Brazilian Jiu jitsu" impacts between the relationships between "United Arab Emirates" and "Brazil"

1. Select an appropriate research topic (or area of explorations),
2. Locate and begin reading about your topic,
3. Write a viable research question (to be submitted),
4. Collect a list of available sources (to be submitted).

Sources. Along with your research questions please submit a list of at least 5 scholarly sources—books, journal articles, conference proceedings or similar—that are relevant to your question. Do not pad your list with sources of little use; but do not think your sources have to address your exact question—often your question will require you to use the “closest adjacent literature” along with more general theoretical work.

Note for full points you must submit full citations in the Chicago reference list (works cited) style. There is nothing particularly superior about this style compared to others, but learning to follow directions—as would be required when submitting to a particular publication for example, is an important skill. I simple guide to Chicago style citation can be found online at the link below. Be sure to click on the author-date tab.

Note: Change the research question based on the attached file (order instructions)
-Minimum of 5 sources and should be in Chicago style http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html


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