British Literature II English

What new literary subject matter is introduced in modern British Literature? Consider psychology; sexuality; ethnicity and race; and gender. (I choose gender for my paper)

Focus primarily on one author , with reference to at least 2 other authors.

The one author that i like to focus on is D H Lawrence. 

The two reference authors I like to use is Mary Wollstonecrafts, and Robert Browning.Choose a poem from each author that have something to do with gender.

Make sure to define your terms precisely, inline with your uses of those terms. Don’t rely on dictionary definitions. 

Back up your claims with specific and sufficient explanations and examples. Analyze the quotations you cite with sufficient analysis that makes clear how the quotations support the claims you are making.

Work on crafting unified and coherent paragraphs.

Do not plagiarize even a sentence.


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