Project description

The main objective of this project is to use (Method ;MANOVA) and (R Software). We are expected to become familiar with the method and the software. The final design of the report will be up to you, but it should include:
* An overview of the category of the method/software selected.
* Discussion of the method/software with the class (e.g.,positive and negative)
* Market trends in the software category
* Provide example with Data/Hands-on use of the software with the method chosen.

The link of the R software can be found in the below link:

The first 10 pages should explained the R software as reported above and the next 1 pages should explain the method as reported above. both Software and the method have to go with the same points mentioned above.Finally step-by-step description in how to implement MANOVA on R software.

Please choose an approperiate data file which can explain the MANOVA in R software

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