Business Blog Speech 5-6 Minutes Description: you'll communicate the main insights and key takeaways from a business-related blog you’ve spent time reading, interpreting and applying to.your life.

Business Blog Speech

5-6 Minutes


Description: you’ll communicate the main insights and key takeaways from a business-related blog you’ve spent time reading, interpreting and applying to.your life.



  • Your speech must be organized and reflect your submitted outline as closely as possible
  • You should include the following details in a concise manner:
    • Author information and brief bio
    • Main purpose of the blog and recurring themes
    • Most influential insights
    • Applications to your own life/career
    • Pitch as to why others should read the blog, including statements about who specifically should read it
  • You must justify your reasons for sharing these specific things – that means you should tie the speech together with a larger statement about what the blog is about and it’s practicality/insightfulness
  • Your delivery should be consistent with your personal brand
  • Your slideshow should be:
    • Be easy to read, polished and precise
    • Use pictures with good resolution and limit text to single sentence bullet points
    • Have a clear color scheme
    • Use a simple Font scheme
    • Stylistically reflect your tastes and personality
    • Inside at least 5 direct quotes worked into the speech in a creative effective manner, citing date of post, post title and permalink URL



You’ll be docked points if you:

  • Don’t submit an outline that adheres to the guidelines discussed in class in a clean, professional way
  • You do the bare minimum and don’t design your speech in a personalized, creative way that demonstrates your personal brand and proficiency regarding the blog
  • Leave out any details specified above
  • Show lack of commitment in your delivery
  • Come off unprepared and unprofessional or unpolished
  • Fail to use the presentation technology in a timely and knowledgeable manner
  • State that you “have a quote” and fail to work direct quotes into the speech in a creative /applied way



  • You need to show us how knowledgeable you are about the issues covered by the blog, the author, and its purpose
  • You are encouraged to show that you are having fun and that you’re a real person in the real world
  • This speech is ultimately for the benefit of the audience – make sure they know that by the end
  • No one ever accomplished anything in life without taking a risk and making themselves vulnerable. Turn your nerves into jet fuel!
  • Stay in the moment and speak WITH the audience, making the personal connection first, then going into the information about yourself. Help the audience hear you by showing that you’re there for their benefit
  • Be polite, positive, and personable – in short, be a good host! Even if you think you’re NOT a charismatic person, you can make every effort to be real and show the audience you’re taking care of THEM. This is how you teach yourself charisma, personality, and confidence.
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