Business Intelligence

Assignment 2 consists of two components, assuming both would be provided to the CEO/Head of your chosen organisation:


1) Practical component: submission of a working dashboard. Build the dashboard you proposed in Assignment 1 using one of the BI tools you’ve been taught in the course


The dashboard must use at least one of the new types of visualisations (not just charts) and use data from more than one source.


2) Written component:

– Explain the challenges in developing the dashboard

– Identify the type of BI users the intended audience of the dashboard are

– Describe the specific data used, and explain why that particular data
would be useful for the intended audience of the dashboard

– Given the above, provide recommendations on

– Why the organisation would benefit investing further in BIA

– What the organisation could do to make BIA implementation easier,
including to manage the challenges of BIA

– Which dashboard or report the organisation should develop next

– Include screenshot(s) of your working dashboard


Organisations for assignments: Samsung



You can choose to cover all areas of the organisation or focus on particular field of operation

(eg: marketing, HR, manufacturing, environment sustainability, public reputation). If you are doing a

degree in that area, you might find that useful.

For example

One of Apple’s strengths is being able to manufacturing and deliver to millions of customers

globally. A threat to that may be worker injury, equipment breaking down or unreliable

distribution. Which groups/users in Apple would want data to deal with those issues – what data

would they need ? In what form ?

A company that needs to do a better job of recruiting the right staff – the dashboard then would

be for HR managers.


Marking criteria

The assignments will be marked on how well you cover each of the points as well as the following:

 Referencing

o Correct referencing

o Referencing quality

o Reference recency

 Layout

 Academic/Business Language

 Grammar and Spelling

See below for more details.


Assignment 2: 2000 words +/- 10%

These are included in the word count:

 The ‘body’ of the assignment:

 Headings

 Direct quotes

 Summary/Executive Summary (if you chose to include one)

 Diagram headings and captions

These are excluded:

 Title page

 Table of contents

 References

 Footnotes


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