Business Law

1. Pick a topic from the course.

2. Minimum 5 word-processed pages, double-spaced, one side, no larger than 12 point font.

3. Minimum 5 sources, two of which must be print.

4. Have a bibliography or sources page.

5. Cite to your sources in the paper. MLA

6. The 5 pages of writing do not include the sources page, the title page, any table of contents, etc. You must have a minimum of 5 pages of writing.

6. Your approach in writing the paper is entirely up to you.

Here are some topics…but it can be any (writer’s choice) as my professor instructed.

Bankruptcy Fraud

Sexual harassment in the work place: how both sexes can avoid it?

Employment Discrimination – The federal government assists employees from being discriminated against in the workplace.

Product Liability – Product liability research papers discuss the ethical and legal issues of producing a product for consumer distribution.

Age Discrimination Act – Age Discrimination research papers discusses how the law came about.

must have at least 2 PRINT SOURCES
the other 3 can be any scholarly sources, online, etc.
The sources must be quoted and incorporated in MLA in the essay itself.

Basic Structure to Follow for Your Business Law Paper

Title – The title should grab the interest of the reader and make them feel compelled to read on. Sometimes questions work well for this objective. It should also tell in condensed form exactly what the law paper is all about.
Introduction – The opening paragraph should suck the reader in, just like quicksand. It should give them a reason to read on, just to satisfy their intense curiosity that you instilled in them. Often the introduction is seen as the most important part of a business law paper, because if it doesn’t capture interest, the paper will not be read.
Background – Sometimes some background on the thesis topic is necessary to get the reader thinking about the issue that is to be presented. The background sets the stage and prepares the mind to accept the thesis.
Overview of the problem – So that the reader can understand how all the details fit together. This helps cement the ideas together as they come out in the body of the paper.
Thesis development – This contains the bulk of the content. It is everything in the middle between introduction and conclusion. This is where you develop and present your thesis question or statement. This is where most of your research will be condensed. This is the place that you attempt to bring the reader onto your side.
Conclusion – Memorable and thought-provoking, the conclusion wraps up all that you have said. It is the place to leave relevant thoughts that the reader cannot shake from their mind. It’s where you leave a lasting impression.
Citations – Proper referencing of all the literature and written material you used in writing the paper. Use the currently accepted law style of citations. This section of your business law paper should be perfect.


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