Business Law Seminar

Just answer the questions in bullet points 

1. What is a “vulture” fund and what restrictions does English Law place upon its operations?

2. Angus and Geraint, having taken advice, decide to form a company with limited liability (“Pies-R-Us Ltd”). They are each prepared to invest £20K into the business, but need to borrow another £60K to get the enterprise up and running. Advise Angus and Geraint on the potential forms of security that they may exploit in order to borrow money against the security of the company’s assets. If they decide not to exploit secured lending, what other avenues are open to them in order to raise finance without issuing new shares?

3. A bank has indicated that it is prepared to lend £60K to Pies-R-Us Ltd, but only on condition that Angus and Geraint personally guarantee the loan and give security over their family homes as collateral for these guarantees. Advise Angus and Geraint on the implications of such guarantees and advise the bank on the steps it needs to take to ensure such collateral is enforceable.

4. What insights about the nature of business regulation and practice can be drawn from the introduction of the limited liability partnership into English law in 2001? Is an LLP more in the nature of a partnership or a limited company?


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