Business Marketing Audit – Dubai Islamic Bank / Islamic Banking

The Company Selected: Dubai Islamic Bank.
Service Selected/Provided: Islamic Banking.
The full details and requirements of the paper will be uploaded along with a sample report.

Assume that you are the new Marketing Manager of a ‘real-world’ company that operates in UAE or MENA region, providing a key product or service that has been customized, adapted, or localized specifically to suit the MENA/UAE market; or which is specifically produced locally in the UAE for the Arab market only. You have been asked to familiarise yourself with the corporate objectives of the organisation, and contribute towards the marketing strategy to achieve those corporate objectives for a specific product of the company. The focus of this assignment is on the steps preceding the formulation of marketing strategies (The Marketing Plan) – namely Situational Analyses and Marketing Audit. Do not choose a small-sized company, unless you have access to enough information required to complete the task. Email the lecturer in the first class with your chosen company to obtain official approval on the appropriateness of your choice.
NOTE: The aim of the report is not to persuade the reader on how great the organisation you chose is. Rather, it is to show how you can very critically evaluate the organization’s market situation and market performance; and then suggest strategies for going forward.


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