Business Models and Planning

Business Models and Planning

Project description

service that picks up old, unused clothes and redistributes them in a sustainable way

A x (label) that allows x (user) to x (benefit) by x (method).

A convenient, portable service that allows people of all ages to responsibly dispose of old, unused clothing by picking up people’s unwanted clothes and redistributing the clothing in a sustainable manner.

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Please research about the following questions.

3)Operations and Facilities

Explain the daily activities of the business; its location, equipment, people, processes, and surrounding environment.

Production: How and where are your products/services created or acquired? Do you outsource? Where and why? Explain your methods of:
-Techniques and costs of producing services or products
-Product development
-Quality control and customer service
-Inventory management

Physical Location: What qualities of your location are important for operations?
-Physical requirements
oGeographic location
oSpace, type of building, zoning
oFacilities: loading dock, offices, customer areas
oSecurity needs
oIs it important that your location be convenient to transportation or to suppliers?
oDo you need easy walk-in access and/or parking for customers?
oDo you need proximity to freeways, airports, shipping centers?
oWhat are your business hours? Why?
-Cost: estimate your occupation expenses, including
oPurchase of premises or monthly rent
oMaintenance, utilities, insurance
oRemodeling costs

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