Business Networking

Q35. Devika ends up becoming a large client, and you think she will agree to you suggesting some marketing activities using her business as an example. Manju is also likely to be happy to be mentioned as the initial referral source.


Identify 3 types of marketing / public relations activities that you might be able to initiate. Explain the benefits of each.


Q35A. Activity #1 WRONG


Issuing them brochures and catalogues: this will help to keep Deivka thinking about our bank and will give her confidence in our products and will dive her to our website for more information.



Q35B. Activity #2 WRONG


Inviting them to our business events where they will gain exposure to our services and be able to explain theirs, which will build and promote their confidence with our bank.



Q35C. Activity #3 WRONG


Issuing newsletters to Deivka will help to keep her informed about our new services and products and promote our business relationship




Teachers response

Q35 needs you to identify some marketing ideas that acknowledge the contribution/commitment of one or more key clients. These can be things where we include testimonials etc. Unfortunately you have answered this with the focus on keeping the client updated.



EG utizling using your wedsite and social media sites to promote her service as your preferred services and vice versa


EG hold a seminar and have her as a quest speaker


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