Business Plan about Nail Salon

Planning: Create an outline that will serve as your table of contents. Decide what information will present your business proposal in the best light. Gather the information required for an investment proposal and organize where each part will go. Visit and review a sample business plans similar to your own idea to help you prepare your outline.

Write: Following the outline you’ve created, provide potential investors with a persuasive examination of your business model. Each proposal must include:

• Executive Summary this serves as the introduction to your business plan and provides potential investors with an over view and contact information.
Subheadings in this section could include:
 Objectives
 Keys to success
 Risks
 Mission
 Contact Info.
• Company Description This is sometimes referred to as a business narrative, as it explains what the business will do, and how it will function. Possible subheadings for this section might include:
 Overview
 Market Analysis
 Strategy & Implementation
 Product &/or Services Summary
 Competition
 Employee Projections
• Financial Plan These will be projections for the following categories:
 Start-up Costs
 Projected Earnings (5 year plan)
• Management Summary Simply provide a list of working partners and position titles, then short bios for each.
• Investment Highlights This is a short sales pitch, a re-cap of important information contained in the proposal repackaged in a one page document.

Format: 12pt type (Times New Roman) or 10pt type (Arial),. All source material must be cited using APA format. Heading and page numbering required.

And My future name salon is MN’s Nails Salon. Because It’s not a real salon, so you can estimate the costs and the value.


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