Business plan part 2

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Review the following information in the textbook:

A Framework for Operations Strategy on pages 82 – 86 in the text.

Exhibit 4.3 – Hill’s Strategy Development Framework on page 83 in the text.

Customer Benefit Package (CBP) – introduced in Week 1 Readings and discussed in Chapter 6 on pages 109 -110.

Exhibit 1.2 – CBP Example for Purchasing a Vehicle on page 10 of the text.

Exhibit 4.5 – McDonald’s CBP on page 85 of the text.

Exhibit 6.11 – LensCrafters’ CBP on page 126 of the text.

Using the table in this Word document as a template, fill in the elements of the table for the company you have chosen for the Business Plan in the program. Also, using Insert, Shape in Word, create a Customer Benefit Package for the company you have chosen for the Business Plan. Save and upload the completed document below for grading


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