Business Process Reengineering Challenges: Implications for Change Management

Please check the word document..

Outline and Requirements :
The assignment is based on a selected topic from within the course content and then student would research it further from different sources of information related to this topic and submit a well written report by clearly indicating that s/he developed critical thinking and analysis ability of the topic in the form of a report that consists of 3000 words.

Part One: (25 %): (1000 Word)
Business Process Reengineering Challenges:
Implications for Change Management Discuss change management as applied in practice in relation to Business Process Reengineering. Preparation of this part will require analyzing literature on change management and business process reengineering to develop a cogent argument

o In part one we need to discuss how can the change management to manage Business Process Reengineering .
o 6 literature reviews critical thinking and analysis & opinion about what we found
so each literature reviews should be for two concept together . not change management only or not Business Process Reengineering
o 4 pages
o The discussion should clearly show the relation between change management as applied in practice in relation to Business Process Reengineering”

Part Two: (60%)

Im working in ADJD
Abu Dhabi Judicial Department

Note: If you have other international organization which will cover all the requirements you can chose it instead of ADJD.
From your work area, You need to do the following: –

Section One: Develop the value chain for your organization, identifying the core and support processes
o I already upload the value chain
o Explain the value chain and the core process and supportive process
o core process and supportive process should be define clearly .
Section Two: Develop Organization diagrams showing the core and support processes and the relation with external parties –
o explain the Organization diagrams
Section Three: Select one of the main processes, and for this process: this process have problem or old one
o Develop As Is detailed process map
o Collect the current KPI’s for this process “With number”
o Use the Process simplification methodology to improve this process
o Develop the proposed process map after the improvement
o Identify the expected changes in the process KPI’s after the improvement. “With number “

Part Three:
Presentation: (10%) Each student is required to prepare a 15 minute presentation about Part Two of the assignment, showing all three sections’ results.

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