Business proposal

The proposal should include a working project title, a project description and project objectives.
Questions you should ask and answer include: What exactly is my project? What will the end result be?
Why (and how much) does it matter to me? With whom will I interact, and how? Who will benefit from
my project? How does my project afford me an opportunity to practice leadership theory, to demonstrate
knowledge gained from the program? Does it relate to any concentration areas, or other training or
credentials or prior experience, or career goals I may have? What risks may be involved? How will
success be defined and measured? What will be different at the conclusion?
and also have to describe your business in detail.
Org chart.
Assets and liabilities.
Profit and loss history.
Risks and industry issues

plase note: proposal draft i will upload, more information please check the document that i upload with redmark. 

attention: proposal draft is for you to better understand what you gonna write, dont copy any from proposal.


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