Business Research Methodologies

Pages: 10


Maximum Word Limit and Assessment weighting for each aspect within the assessment:


  • Individual Research Proposal (3000 words);





BRM Assignment


Select a research topic of your choice based on a business issue and design a research proposal for this topic. This proposal should not exceed 3000 words.



Based on the selected topic, you are required to:


  • Develop a research question and an appropriate set of research objectives
  • Justify the choice of research topic including the background and context of the research
  • Develop a critical literature review of the research topic
  • Design a research methodology based on the topic selected. This would require you to develop a research design and justify your choice as appropriate. Your research design should include the following:

Research Philosophy (e.g., positivism, interpretivism, realism and/or pragmatism)

Research Approach (inductive or deductive)

Research strategy

  • Discuss and justify the data collection methods – type of data, sampling method and target group
  • Discuss the Data analysis procedure to be adopted
  • Discuss the possible ethical issues that need to be considered in this research
  • Discuss any possible limitations to this research
  • Support with relevant references (Harvard format)
  • Provide a research plan (timescale)


In your data collection and data analysis section, discuss how you would collect primary data through the use of one or a combination of methods of data collection methods e.g. questionnaire, interview, focus groups, observation, etc., and how you would analyse this data.



The above requirements are indicated as the required areas of focus for you to articulate your individual responses. The submission of your work for assessment should be organised and clearly structured in the order outlined below.


Suggested Structure – Research Proposal

  1. Research Proposal Title – Reflect as accurately as possible the content of your chosen topic.
  2. Abstract – This is a brief statement of what you are intending to research. It should be no more than 150 words. This also needs, in brief, to describe the proposal content.



  1. Introduction
  • Relevance of the Proposed Research to Business Research
  • Place the proposed study in context
  • Justification of the chosen topic
  • Value of this research
  1. Research Question(s) and Research Objectives
  • The research question would normally be one overall question, but, exceptionally, a small number (up to 3) question(s) that the research process will address.
  • Research objectives (usually 4-5 different research objectives) must be clear statements that identify what the research process seeks to achieve.
  • Both the research question(s) and research objectives must relate to the literature review
  1. Literature Review
  • Clear and precise knowledge that relates to the research topic.
  • Explains how the proposal relates to the academic debate which has been identified as part of the literature review.
  • Demonstrates a link between previous work and current work that has been done in your field of research interest.
  • Highlights in the literature review where your research question(s)/objectives came from.
  1. Method


This has to relate to the research questions and research objectives and shows how they will be achieved.

Your method consists of two parts:

(1) Research design – relates to the research opinion (philosophies, approaches, strategies, choices, time horizon). You are expected to make strong justifications in support of your chosen research design.

(2) Data collection – relates to the last phase of the research – the techniques and procedures. Identify how specifically the data will be collected (i.e. questionnaire, focus group, etc…). You are expected to provide the advantages and disadvantages of the various data collection methods and select the most appropriate data collection method(s).


Your chosen method (1) Research design and (2) Data collection must relate to the purpose of your study.


(3) Ethics, Validity, Reliability and Resource Requirements

(4) Time plan – perhaps in the form of a Gantt chart


  1. References


  1. Appendix (if required)



Is the use of Personal Controlled Anaesthesia (PCA) an effective strategy to address pain in post-operative patient?

Subject: Nursing
Pages: 4


Project Report
• Format: Report format
• Discuss the project question including background and
rationale for choice
• Find three (3) – five (5) journal articles related specifically to the
approved question and provide a synopsis of your understanding of these articles – either peer-reviewed primary research journal articles or systematic reviews
• Whilst on clinical placement take some time to critically observe the practices in your clinical area, in relation to your question, and record your findings. Discuss your observations in light of your readings


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