Business Strategy Analysis

During the Report 1 we need to explore the first step, Business Strategy Analysis. For your Case Semester Company, Using the recent 2013, 2014 and 2015 or NEWEST where apply, annual or quarter financial report (depending of the availability of the data). Your conclusions should be based ON THE LAST 3 SEC 10K REPORTS annual report and the last SEC 10Q form or 8 K form.

My company is — Phillip Morris International
We only answer 4 of the 7 questions bellow

1. What is the business, the products, the customers, what is the recent history economic performance, what are the recent strategic decisions taken by the company?
2. What are the key success factors and risks associated with the firm’s chosen competitive strategy?
3. Does the firm currently have the resources and capabilities to deal with the key success factors and risks?
4. Has the firm made irreversible commitments to bridge the gap between its current capabilities and the
requirements to achieve its competitive advantage?
5. Has the firm structured its activities (such as research and development, design, manufacturing, marketing
and distribution, and support activities) in a way that is consistent with its competitive strategy?
6. Is the company’s competitive advantage sustainable? Are there any barriers that make imitation of the
firm’s strategy difficult?
7. Are there any potential changes in the firm’s industry structure (such as new economic conditions, new
technologies, foreign competition, changes in regulation, change in customer requirements) that might dissipate the firm’s competitive advantage? Is the company flexible enough to address these changes?


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