Can African Airlines and its customers benefit from Liberalization in air transport systems

Goal is analyse which positive economic effects Liberalization of african air transport can bring and how it helps to use Africa’s whole potential.
Hypotheis should be to show that Liberalization offers more advangtages than protectionism.
1. Introduction
1.1 Rationale for Liberalization – What are the benefits for African states in concrete?
1.2 Air Transport System in Western World
1.3 Air Transport Systems in Africa
2. Development in the USA & European Union
2.1 Beforen Liberalization in USA
2.2 Deregulation in USA
2.3 Liberalization in USA
2.4 Deregulation in Europe
2.5 Liberalization in Europe
2.6 Freedoms of the Air
2.7 Open Skies Agreement between EU & USA
2.8 Single European Sky
3. Yamoussoukro Declaration of 1999
3.1 Goals of Yamoussoukrou Declaration
3.2 Current status of implementation of Yamoussoukrou Declaration
3.3 Intraregional Air Transport Agreements in Africa -Benefits for customers & economy
3.4 African Countries with progressive aviation transport example Ethiopian Airlines
3.5 African Countries with progressive air transport example Kenya Airways
3.6 First Conclusion
4. First Synthesis-Recapitulation of all advantages and economic proofs of Opening the Air Transport in Africa, own view


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