Career Closet Group Project Report

Career Closet Group Report Guidelines


1. Cover Sheet/Title Page with
a. Title of Report
b. Date of Report
c. Names of group members and the area of research they focused on
d. The person requesting the report – Mr. H. Steve Leslie, BCOM Instructor

2. Table of Contents

3. Definition of Problem
a. Problem definition/description of the problem
(i. What, why, when, where, who, how?)

4. Analysis of the problem
a. What is the central issue?
b. What are or what should be the goals of the Career Closet?
c. What are the constraints to the problem? Limitations to the likely solution(s).
d. What are the alternatives?
e. How will the suggested plan be implemented?
f. What steps will you take to gather information? How do you plan on gathering information?
Will you use primary and secondary data or both? What is your methodology?

5. Criteria – How did you measure the impact/or severity of the problem you are researching?
a. Questions set up on a survey grid/chart from most important to least important (give a point range for each question)
b. How do you plan to assess or measure your possible solution to the problem you are trying to solve? What primary or secondary sources have you found to support your research findings? Is there established research already available on this topic? Did you survey students in the COB about the problem?

6. Possible Solutions
a. List and explain possible solution (s) to problem
b. List where you will gather research
c. Include any artifact that will support your solution(s)

7. Evaluation of Solutions
a. Use of tables, charts, graphs to present data (if applicable)
b. How did you evaluate, that is, critically analyze all the possible solutions to your problem?

8. Selection of Best Solution
a. Discuss the top three choices – why are these the top three choices?

9. Test Selected Solution
a. Explanation of the top choice/final solution (Justification) – provide summary

10. Appendix
a. Completed criteria question sheet taken on research adventure (if applicable)
b. Participation chart (Did each team member contribute equally?)
c. Any other artifact that may add value to your research

11. Reference Page is requested.


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