Career Goals

Find three IT (information technology)-related job listings that may be of interest to you based on your career aspirations. The position need not be primarily technical, but should require IT skills. You may use job search portals, company recruitment sites, or other resources as you prefer. Find one position (Data Entry Specialist) that you qualify for now, and two that you expect to be prepared for when you graduate. In a written report: Express 2 or 3 of your professional or career goals and articulate how these goals intersect with your academic interests, the university’s vision and mission (file uploaded), and my degree program (file uploaded). List and summarize at least 3 employment positions that interest you and identify what skills you think are needed to secure those positions. Include a brief description of the academic requirements, required job duties, salary information, and previous work experience required. Write a reflective statement to show how my degree program can help me meet my career goals. Answer in your own words & in paragraph form. You can research on the Internet or books/journals.


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