Case Study – Ethical or legal dilemma in movie 'Analyse This' Case Study – Ethical or legal dilemma in movie 'Analyse This'

The writer will need to watch movie ‘Analyse This’ (not to be confused with sequel Analyse That) and choose 3-4 ethical or legal dilemmas and each of their possible outcomes in relation to AUSTRALIAN codes of practice. A couple of points I would like to be included are the fact the client in the movie follows the therapist on his holiday constantly seeking therapy in unsecured environments. Also, please touch on that client-patient confidentiality is broken during the movie in a few different places but the main one being when the therapist divulges a lot of info about the mafia bosses problems to his mafia family. I’m not picky on which other ethical/legal dilemmas are discussed. This needs to be based on AUSTRALIAN CODES OF CONDUCT and therefore everything in the essay should relate to Australian laws. A bibliography is essential!
Each conflict discussed in the essay needs to include:
a) the characters involved
b) analyse the ethical and legal principles and relevant social context in the selected scenario
c)draw on references and identify any limitations or conflicts on ethical and legal codes.
d) possible intervention ideas for each dilemma which would help the situation to remain professional and legal.

The introduction should include a brief description of the movie and explain that a case study is being based on it. It should also clearly identify which ethical or legal dilemmas will be discussed.


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