Casting Process

Please read all the 3 picture that i post carfuily it shows all the thing you want to know. nd aslo the topic you are going to choose and formating and examples.
1- The ourpose of this resarech is closley invastigate one sepecfic casting process and doucment and cite. with resource in 4 distnct areas. the report should proivide a reader with snapchot of credible and timely info in a clear and concise manner.
2- Dirctions: select one casting process listed below and resarech info from a minumm 2 books and 3 company weebsite. total of 5. statical dadte must be no more the 5 year old.
3-Formatting: All informtion outline form not paragraph.
Double spaced with def margins (1.25 R/L, 1,0 T/B) for the eniter paper meet 2 pages minum max 3 ( not inculding refreance)


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