causes of failed IT projects

There are many IT projects which fail, please research online the causes of failed IT projects. Do not forget to provide examples of real failed IT projects. You also may concentrate on only one failed IT project. Please provide at least 3 sources of information as described in your syllabus and provided in guidance below.
Some examples of big IT projects that failed: FBI Project, IRS Project, Denver Airport, etc… ( you can search online to find more

You probably looked at many sources before you located usable material, and you deserve credit for this research. Your work will be considered for credit for works consulted; list your preliminary sources as consulted works.

Select one of the big failed IT projects you find online and provide 3 reasons why it failed and how it could be saved.

1. Introduce failed IT project, provide brief description of a project and if available summary of the scope
2. Discuss one reason why this project failed.
3. Discuss second reason why this project failed.
4. Discuss third reason why this project failed.
5. Write a conclusion. Conclusion can be a summary of 3 reasons, plus your own opinion what needs to be done in order for project to succeed.
6. Last Page bibliography: List your sources in APA style.
• Spacing : double-spaced for normal text, single-spaced for long quotes
• Font Size 10 – 12 point
• Font Styles Times New Roman or Courier
• Illustrations welcome if of good qualityp(4)

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