Chinese Urbanism

Any urban issue is acceptable if you have the following:
You need a thesis and concept for the paper. I want to know your own beliefs about urbanism. Pick a position and defend that position.
(for example, you still believe that Frank Lloyd Wrights idea of an acre/ family is still the answer to the future….or you think urbanism of old European cities should return and why…or you think New Urbanists are the greatest planners in the world and why, Chinese Urbanism is Version2.0 of Le Corbusier, …etc…..)
(Don’t just describe a project or a city. that’s like doing a book report in high school)
You can bring in another planner or designer but it has to be compared and written with a person or group we discussed in class.(Team 10,Le, Corbusier,Koolhaas,Colin Rowe, Jane Jacobs, Robert Ventur, Frank Lloyd Wright


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