Choice and Chance in Western Civilization

*THE ONLY SOURCE IS: Many Europes: Choice and Chance in Western Civilization (ISBN:978-0073385457) CHAPTER 25
*please read the following instructions carefully

Some historians call the 20th century the American Century, which is very relevant to the Cold War, because for the first time in Europe’s history it was more heavily influenced by America than vice versa. However, America was not the only great power impacting the politics, military, and economy of Western Europe. The Soviet Union was also pulling the strings of many governments. The Cold War is more than just a period of idealogical conflict in Europe. It is a period a dramatic self reflection for the continent. Caught between the spheres of influence of two new super powers, Europe had to decide what it wanted to look like. It had to heal from the second of two devastating world wars. It had to rebuild, and in so doing it had to determine what type of governments, social network, and cultural development it wanted to pursue.

This week you will pick four countries in Europe. Pick at least one from Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and one from Southern Europe. The fourth country can be from any region. Discuss what it looked like over the forty-five period of the Cold War. Did it align with America or the Soviet Union? What kind of political success or difficulties did it have? How did its economy fair? Who was its major leaders? Did it experience any major political, cultural, or intellectual revolutions? Type a SOLID paragraph for each country.


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