Chronic conditons

Patient: Depression, “low energy”, constipation in a 42 year old female
*chosen drugs: 1. Fluoxetine (Prozac), for depression
2. CYANOCOBALAMIN (VITAMIN B-12) for low energy
3. Polyethylene glycol (Miralax) for constipation
Rubric for Grading:
• A drug log (including complete dosing regimen) (20 points)

• Rationale for the drugs selected including costs (20 points)
• Follow-up, monitoring, expected outcomes including duration of therapy before expected results will be seen and follow-up including any labs or monitoring that must be done because the patient is on the selected therapy. (10 points) 
*The format of this assignment should be in a mini-chart or table (for the drugs). Rationale and follow-up may be in a narrative or table. APA format is not necessary, but references should be provided.
For this assignment consider a few other factors including latest medical evidence and updated therapies, but also practical considerations (cost and financial implications for the uninsured or underinsured patient).


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