citing supreme court cases

United States v. Virginia supreme court discussion.
1. description background 
2. description Scotus ruling 
3. discussion ( the most important part)Your task is to research one of these rulings and respond to the following questions:
– Briefly describe the background of the case
o What is the key issue at stake?
o What arguments were put forth by each side of the case?
– How did the Supreme Court rule?
o Which side won?
o What was the underlying constitutional argument? 
o Were there any notable statements in the dissenting or concurring opinions? 
– Describe the impact (or potential impact) of this case
o How might people who associate themselves with different social groups and embrace identities (e.g. racial, gender, sexual) have been affected by this case?
• Try to assess both the direct effects (on members of those identities themselves), as well as indirect (other identities).
o How might society as a whole been affected by this case?
• Be sure to give an example. 
o To what degree has there been a backlash to this court ruling?
o To what extent might this case affect you, or at least someone you know?
• Think about personal experiences with issues of race, gender or sexual identity, whether involving yourself or someone you know.


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