Citrus College Library Core List for Spring 2013

You will write a literary research paper on one of the short stories on the Citrus College Library Core List for Spring 2013. Your paper must have a thesis which you argue and support throughout your paper with your own ideas and assertions, secondary scholarly sources (at least 5), and support from the text (examples and quotes). Your paper must be 5-7 pages in length. Please email your rough draft by Wed. June 5th.

Make sure you consult the “Tips for Writing a Literary Research Paper” before you get started.
Make sure that your paper is properly cited in MLA format and that you have a Works Cited Page. Be sure to view the sample research paper posted under the Handout button

Below is a rubric for how your paper will be assessed and graded:

Remember that the quality of your writing is assessed.  Remember that an “A” always reflects work that is excellent and stands as the model for future assignments on that topic.  The grade your writing earns is based on the extent to which it reflects the criteria for that particular grade.  Please be sure that you are familiar with this rubric — use it as you draft and refer to it when considering how your writing earned the grade it did.  Be sure to ask if there is anything you do not understand.
TS = topic sentence (argumentative statement making a point in support of thesis)
CD = concrete detail (quotes)
CM = commentary (interpretation, explanation of the deeper significance of the quote, proves how the topic sentence — and thus, the thesis — are valid)

“A” (90-100)      Excellent
Thesis presents well-phrased controlling idea/argument
All argumentative statements are persuasively worded and logically support thesis with a related point
Each body paragraph contains well-chosen CD’s that effectively support the point
All quotes are embedded in lead-in sentences
Interpretations present insightful, well-developed analysis
Essay effectively uses relevant research to develop points
Essay maintains focus on controlling idea, all points are substantial and well-developed
Essay demonstrates attention paid to the audience and the purpose
Concluding paragraph draws conclusions that go beyond restating thesis
Paragraphs logically sequenced
Smooth transitions between and within paragraphs create coherence and unity
CD’s arranged logically within paragraph to support TS
Fluent expression of ideas
Focus maintained throughout essay

Language Use:
Sentences varied in length and structure
Mastery of compound/complex structures, parallelism, noun/verb agreement, noun/pronoun, agreement, verb tense consistency, preposition use
Diction appropriate for academic writing
Mechanics and Vocabulary:
Unique, confident and engaging voice and style
Word choices are engaging and fresh
Effective use of language
Proper syntax
Accurate spelling and punctuation, very few, if any, grammatical or mechanical errors

“B” (80-89)      VERY GOOD – GOOD
·      Content:
Thesis presents solid controlling ideas
All TS’s support thesis with a related point, though wording may be imprecise or the argument may be vague
Each body paragraph contains adequate CD’s that support the thesis, though some may not be as strong as others
All CD’s are embedded in lead-in sentences
CM’s are generally insightful but could be developed further
Essay uses solid research, though it could be more effectively incorporated
Generally maintains focus of controlling idea, though some points could further clarified or developed
Essay generally demonstrates attention paid to audience and purposes
Concluding paragraph generally effective, though it may restate thesis or points already made
Paragraphs logically sequenced
Transitions between and within paragraphs generally effective, though coherence can be strengthened
CD’s arranged logically within paragraph to support TS
Focus generally maintained throughout essay, though some points may be tangential
· Language Use:
Some sentence variety with effective but simple sentence constructions, some complex constructions
Minimal errors in noun/verb agreement, noun/pronoun agreement, verb tense consistency,  prepositions
Occasional errors in diction
·      Mechanics and Vocabulary:
Generally persuasive voice and style
Generally effective syntax
Minimal errors in spelling and punctuation
Word choices are adequate for the assignment, though not very engaging or fresh
“C” (70-79)      SATISFACTORY
·      Content:
Thesis present but vaguely or imprecisely stated
Controlling idea apparent but needs clarification and development
TS’s tend to state a fact about the text, or do not have a clear argumentative point, or are unrelated to thesis
CD’s may not be well-chosen, or may be irrelevant, or do not effectively support TS’s
CD’s may not be properly embedded in lead-in sentences, research is ineffectively used
CM’s tend to restate the CD, or do not make developed or insightful points, or are rather simplistic, lacking insight (may retell the story)
Little or no attention paid to audience or purpose
Essay may not maintain focus of controlling idea, tends to wander or treat topic in a superficial manner
·      Organization:
Paragraphs may not flow logically
Weak transitions between and within paragraphs that prevent coherence
CD’s may be disconnected, poorly arranged
Essay may not be effectively unified, essay tends to lack coherence
·      Language Use:  Sentences may tend to be choppy or syntax may be awkward
Major problems with simple/complex constructions
Occasional errors in noun/verb agreement, noun/pronoun agreement, verb tense consistency, preposition use — errors distract reader
Simple diction characterized by idiomatic usage
Frequent run-ons and fragments
·      Mechanics and Vocabulary
No distinct voice or style expressed
Major syntax problems
Frequent spelling and punctuation errors
Word choices are simplistic

“D” (60-69)      MARGINAL
·      Content:
Thesis vague or not discernible, lacks argumentative focus
Controlling idea is vague or over-generalized or not present
TS’s do not relate to thesis or are not present
CD’s poorly chosen or absent and/or not embedded in lead-in sentences
CM’s restate CD’s, interpretation is superficial and demonstrates no insightful analysis
No attention paid to audience or purpose
No research present or ineffective research included
Essay does not show understanding of topic
·      Organization:
No apparent organization to essay
Points randomly made
Essay lacks coherence and unity
·      Language Use:
Preponderance of errors in noun/verb agreement, noun/pronoun agreement, preposition use
Diction inappropriate for academic writing
Numerous run-ons and fragments
·      Mechanics and Vocabulary:
Many syntax problems, spelling and punctuation errors
Word choices are poor

“F” (0-59)      UNACCEPTABLE
No identifiable thesis or controlling idea – essay does not respond to assignment; Insufficient and poorly chosen CD’s and/or CM’s
Organization:   No apparent organization to essay
Language Use:   Numerous grammatical and diction errors; Numerous run-ons and fragments
Mechanics and Vocabulary: Numerous syntax problems, spelling and punctuation errors
A NOTE ABOUT RESEARCH:  Any paper involving research must carefully follow MLA Handbook guidelines for research and should include appropriate citation within the essay and a Works Cited page. NO CITATION, NO WORKS CITED, NO CREDIT (paper would have to be revised properly to get credit)


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