Client Memo relating to the world sports championships

The memo has to be related to law and sports law mainly.
The memo should be helpful to the host of the worlds sports championships. so to explain it in more detail i would say:
– the memo needs to address the possible issues that the host of the worlds sports championships might face and how to avoid these issues.

Helpful tips and preferred elements to include in the memo:
– include something from the constitution.
– include civil rights (title 9 and the ADA)
– include labor law
– include intellectual property
– include common law
– include Taxes
– include Anti- Trust
– COpyrights

The previous elements mentioned above are just things to help the writer get and idea on how i would prefer the paper to be written its not mandatory to include all of them just pick whatever you like out of those and it would be helpful to include some case law for any of them as well.


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