Co-curricular Intercultural Experience & Fieldwork Repor

Below are the detailed instructions for the report. I went to Amsterdam this past summer, so I will want to use Amsterdam as my fieldwork report. Basically talk about the culture there (maybe include how cannabis is legal/ speak of the red light district, and customs of the people that live in Amsterdam.) It has to seem like I was there so it is okay to use the word “I” to express what I observed and what not. 
Co-curricular Intercultural Experience & Fieldwork Report
intercultural experience with an unfamiliar culture outside of class
Examples: festival, religious service, etc. 
partake in the situation by speaking with people, trying the customs, etc.
write a 2-3 page reflection paper of how the experience has made you a more competent intercultural communicator; your header on the paper does not count for the two page minimum
relate theories and concepts from our textbook
reason why you come to the assumptions you have made
grammar, spelling and mechanics
This assessment develops global engagement because it requires you to interact with an unfamiliar culture and analyze how you can improve your own communication when engaging in future intercultural communication situations. 
Lustig & Koester’s BASIC Dimensions of Intercultural Competence
Eight categories found in the behavioral assessment scale (BASIC)
1. Display of Respect
2. Orientation to Knowledge
3. Empathy
4. Interaction Management
5. Task Role Behavior
6. Relational Role Behavior
7. Tolerance for Ambiguity
8. Interaction Posture
– Description
A statement of description should not have any opinion included. Instead, write what you see, hear, smell, taste, feel; verbal and nonverbal communication
– Interpretation
A statement of interpretation should include your analysis of what things might mean; hypothesis and conjecture; use culture-specific knowledge
– Evaluation
A statement of evaluation should include your opinion of why actions are different and their meaning; cultural forces analysis
You can assess your own competence in participating in the interaction. Review Lustig & Koester’s BASIC scale; analyze how you can improve your own communication when engaging in future intercultural communication situations 
Use these headings for your report:


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