COCA-COLA in Australia

The proposal is a one-page briefing (500 -600 words) of your project. In the briefing, you need to concisely describe the following issues:

profile of the company chosen,
the nature of project(e.g. product X exports to Country Y),
marketing objectives,
strategies for data collection;
Structure of the written report; and
action plan.
To successfully complete the project, you are expected to follow the following steps:

Step 1
Find a local or national company with potential for international expansion. An example could be a local wine company, a bank, a university or a travel agent. If the company has been running its business in a foreign market, you need to help this company explore another new foreign market or change the current entry strategy in order to further capitalise on location advantages of the host country. 

Step 2
Obtain approval from the company, if necessary, to collect relevant information through interviews and secondary data research.

Step 3
Write a report to describe and justify the proposed international marketing project. The project should be strategically sustainable, financially viable, technically competitive, and legally and culturally acceptable in the target foreign market. Although there is no standard format, I would recommend the content structure below for your reference:

1.Executive summary
2.Introduction (what kind of company you are working with, why it needs to go international)
3.Business opportunity analysis

Business environment analysis (country selection, PESTLE analysis)
Market analysis (type of market, market size and growth, marketing facilities, market segmentation and consumer profile in each segment, consumer behaviour)
Competitor analysis (Competitor’s product/service, brand equity, package, price, distribution channel, promotion)
Organisational resources & competencies (SWOT analysis, competitive advantage, market-based assets)
4. Marketing objectives (be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timeable)
5.Entry strategy (e.g. Exporting versus Franchising or Joint venture)
6.Developing international marketing mix (4-7ps)
7.Profitability analysis (Porter’s Five Force model)
8.Marketing implementation and control


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