Comment on the company

Step 1: Choose any of the following companies for your assignment:

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL)

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (NASDAQ: BBBY)

Coach Inc. (NYSE: COH)


Step 2: Go to MergentOnline database, to download the financial data of your company. If you are accessing the database from outside the campus, you have to go through the library website, If you have any questions about how to extract data from MergentOnline, please consult me.

Step 3: Download the O-S Checklist Excel template from the course D2L. There are seven worksheets in the template. You have to deal with two of them, such as Data Input and Value Indicators. For example, input all the pertinent information (from Balance sheet, Income statement and Cash Flow statement of your company) in “Data Input” worksheet. You will see some key ratios have been calculated for you in the “Value Indicators” worksheet. For an overview of the approach, read our article, “Overcoming Cognitive Biases: A Heuristic for Value Investing Decisions,” also available on D2L.

Step 4: Comment on the company whether it has durable competitive advantage (aka Wide Moat). You have to pass a judgment on this issue. You may want to consult the book, “Why Moats Matter: The Morning star Approach to Stock Investing” by Heather Brilliant and Elizabeth Collins.


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