: Commercial law paper

1.This is a paper on AUSTRALIAN LAW!!!!!!! Relevant ACT laws & NSW laws should be included. 2.The legislation and case laws should be used if they are Australian. 3.Please follow the IRAC format.i,e, identify the issue; Rule/law, Application, Conclusion, format.this format is explained in the uploaded file, please make sure you read through it first, it’s rather brief. 4.You need to refer to similiar cases in Australia. You can FIND RELEVENT CASES using the sites at the end of assignment instruction. 5.Please give advice in both parts and support with evidence as required in the outline. 6. You need to read through the 2 samples first, and follow exact structure of the sample. YOU NEED TO HAVE FOOTNOTES EVERY TIME YOU USE A LAW OR A CASE. how to make footnotes and reference are uploaded. ONCE MORE: HERE’S THE STRUCTURE YOU NEED TO FOLLOW : paragraph 1: Issue:identify the legal issue briefly.( about negligence) paragraph 2: Rule: you qoute relevant Australian law , ACT or NSW legislations. remeber to provide footnote in exact form as the document uploaded and the sample essay) paragraph 3 Application: apply the law to the fact..Consider arguments on both sides, using the law as basis for your debate and give advice based on that. paragraph 5: use similiar previous cases in Australia, especially in Australian Capital Teritory to back up arguments.Don’t forget the foot note. paragraph 6: conclusionless. Please follow the IRAC structure for both part a and part b separately, thank you.


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