Communication is a key element in all strategic change

Title : “Communication is a key element in all strategic change”. Discuss.

Only UK and USA references please.

1. Select several good quality academic journal articles (UK and USA only) related to the topic 
2. discuss the importance of communication within the different styles of leading change , Persuasion, Collaboration, Participation, Direction. Show (with diagrams) if / how Porters 5 forces/diamond, PESTLE or Porters value chain could be used to show the importance of communication flow regading change and if relevant how it can be improved 
3. Apply the chosen model to a case, organization or context (UK or American company please..
4. Critically evaluate the model, theory or perspective in the chosen article(s)
Assessment criteria:

Essay/Report should provide:
1. Evidence of appropriate level of knowledge of relevant theory and models
2. Evidence of understanding of selected theory
3. Evidence appropriate application of selected theory
4. Evidence of analysis and synthesis
5. Evidence of critical evaluation
6. Clear and concise communication. 

General Advice
you are asked to ‘discuss’ or this implies that you will present the various perspectives or views of that particular topic, before drawing some conclusions.
When you apply theory from the module, indicate why you will use one theory over another and what information you hope it will provide. Once you have applied the theory in some way explain what the outcome of your analysis is and how it relates to the question. In addition, it is helpful if you can evaluate the academic input, e.g. was it useful, does the context matter, etc. 
The questions are deliberately broad and potentially ambiguous to force you to make choices, and evaluate what area(s) could or should be included. It also forces you to look at the question from more than one perspective, which matches what the module is trying to achieve.


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