Company analysis

This is a group project. No absract and introduction etc are required.Number os sources is not stricted. You are require to do the company analysis ONLY.Use charts and dot points to demonstrate your views is encouraged.



You are required to write a report of Commonwealth Serum Laboratories Limited (CSL). The report should be about fundamental analysis of this firm, including the firm’s business analysis, proper financial analysis, valuation and recommendation.

You main source of information should be the firms’ latest annual reports, supplemented by public information such as websites, databases, current news etc.

To the writer:

Since this is a group project, other section will be completed by my group mate. You are ONLY required to do the company analysis section.

Company analysis:

  • Prepare a company brief, outlining the short history, core activities, competitive situation, the markets they operate, major factors within and how the company respond them or business strategy.



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