Comparing energy performance of glasses

This is a case study that is already written, However the instructor gave us several comments as you will see below and he wants us to edit and incorporate the articles attached into the paper.
Comments are as follows
The authors report a study of energy and daylighting performance associated with traditional and smart windows. The topic itself is important in the context of building envelope design and daylight operation for high performance buildings. However, there is more room to improve clearness, organization, data presentations, references, and discussions/implications of the findings.

1. How does COMPEN calculate indoor temperature, and heating and cooling load based on what parameters? Does the software use any default R values for the building envelopes In addition to the heat gain through the windows? If so, what are the R values?

2. Figure 5: How are the fan energy and lighting energy calculated in COMPEN?

4. Please regenerate the tables with clear fonts (don’t copy and paste, there are too blurry).

3. Abstract does not describe well the details of the study. It should be written.

5. The cost analyses should be revisited after considering the installation cost.

6. Incomplete literature review: Important papers are missing. Please examine the attached papers and incorporate into your final paper. Discuss their findings and compare with yours.


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