comprehensive plan

Assignment 8: Comprehensive instructional design plan (Course objectives 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) 


For this assignment, you will need to work with a client to identify an instructional problem, and develop a comprehensive packet based on visual and media literacy principles that solve your client’s issue. You cannot be your own client. Your client can be one of your classmates, or a colleague from your school/place of work. For example, if you are going to work with a teacher in your school, you need to sit down with him/her and talk about an instructional activity that can be enhanced with the use of visual materials. Then, you will have to develop (or re-design) those materials and provide the teacher with the resources to evaluate the enhanced lesson. Those artifacts can be anything from a comic you designed, or an activity where the students have to develop a poster, or watch a movie. You can also propose to use an exercise on coding and decoding images. It is up to you; however, you must design and submit at least two artifacts (these cannot be the same you submitted for previous assignments) that must be included in the redesigned lesson. 

In your comprehensive packet, you will need to include: 

-The proposed artifacts you designed or re-designed, 

-A word document with: 

 The description of your client and the instructional problem. 

 A description of the re-designed lesson. 

 The methods to assess/evaluate the lesson. 

 An explanation supported by your own learning in this class as of why you think the artifact(s) you developed is the right solution. You can also use supporting literature, for example, the articles you reviewed for project 5. 

 How your plan address one or more of the ACRL Visual and Literacy Competency Standards you discussed in Module 5 ( 

 A brief reflection regarding challenges to complete this assignment 

Your artifact(s) and all the images you are using must be original. 

If you have any questions about this assignment, do not hesitate to ask me. 

You can check the following examples. They can serve you as an inspiration but you must NOT take them as a guideline for your own assignment. Your instructional problem and solution will definitely be different than these, so you cannot use them as the “land of the law” for your own project:


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