Computer Forensic Methods

The paper I’ve already written included research from surveys, I want all that removed and just break down the paper into three case studies of historical events that discuss approaches and lessons learned from various Computer Forensic Methodologies…. Does it require a whole rewrite? I don’t know, perhaps something is salvageable; the proposal, Intro, and literature review, perhaps the conclusion have some elements that might survive. Research Methods, Data Findings and Data Analysis will probably need to be scrapped completely. That would be replacing 20 pages of text right in the middle that forms the main body of the paper as-is. 

I was thinking of replacing the research in my draft paper with case studies provided: forgetting-lock-door-break-in-analysis-red-hat-linux-62-machine-654. forensic-analysis-compromised-intranet-server-1652. Forensic Analysis of a Live Linux System, Pt1, Pt2. DIGITAL MUSIC DEVICE FORENSICS All attached in Pdf.


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