it is a research paper based on forensics in windows 10..first of all u should state security features of windows 10 in a forensics manner..u should run and analyse various forensics analysis tools and run in windows 10 and see how it behaves..main agenda of this topic is to introduce forensics in windows 10 .u should able to explain the advantages and security features as well as drawbacks and limitations if any…u should explain the following..
 Windows 10
 Windows 10 security features
 Windows 10 system files
 Analysis
 Implications of forensics in windows 10
 Different forensic tools
 Future aspects.
the reply from my lecturer after submitting proposal is” Your scope for this research project is very large at present as you have not presented a concise element which you will be pursuing. However, the chosen topic overall is appropriate.” try to explain about a concise element about the forensics in windows lecturer told me about the register file in windows 10..check about the register files and how it works in windows 10 in forensically sound manner..considering all this write a research paper..i repeat RESEARCH PAPER…paper format is given in link..follow that..attached guidline and my proposal
should need good reference
Outlines the approach taken by the research and analysis phase of this project and how different forensic analysis tools perform in windows 10 and will analysis the performance of each tools in windows 10 compare to the other versions of windows. Will analyse the features of windows 10 which will help to do the forensic analysisThe deliverable for this assignment requires you to write a research paper based on the learning outcomes for this unit, which would be potentially suitable for submission to a digital forensics/ cyber security Conference.


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