Computer sciences and Information technology

Computer sciences and Information technology

Communication Systems

1. Explain the differences in terms of required bandwidth and transmission data rate between binary modulation schemes and multilevel (M-ary) modulation schemes. Comment on the error performance of each of these classes of modulation schemes and describe a specific application where these schemes can be used.
2. Discuss contention techniques used for Multiple Access giving a specific example of application of each of your contention techniques.
3. Describe the component parts of a satellite communication link employing a Geostationary satellite transmitting to satellite dish and associated receiver that is situated in any Northern European city of your choice. Then based on your outline system calculate a link budget (given that the receiver sensitivity is -80dBm and the link operates at 170 MHz) in order to determine the required transmitted power taking into account all relevant losses. Make and justify suitable assumptions for antenna gains.

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