Computer Simulation-Simul8

You will have to use a programme called Simul8.

Required to submit: 
Write a report that includes: 
a. From the perspective of simulation an Introduction to the problem which includes aims, objectives, assumptions, key performance indicators and any other relevant information you deem appropriate. 

b. A table showing entities, state variables, and events. 

c. An appropriate flowchart with detailed explanations. 

d. An explanation of which data collection method(s) would be appropriate to capture the required information for modelling this problem. 

e. A developed simulation model (make any assumptions where appropriate) for one hundred customers to imitate the above system (“As-Is” situation). Five simulation runs are required. 

f. At least two experiments (‘What if’ scenarios) to: 
i. Minimise the overall simulation time. 
ii. Achieve a minimum queue at each service area. 
iii. Maximise the staff(s) utilisations. 
iv. Minimise average waiting time. 
v. Maximise revenue from services.

g. A comparison of data using Excel for the “As-Is” scenario with the other improvement ‘What if’ scenarios. 

h. Recommendations for further improvement (bullet points) 

i. Appropriate animation in the “As-Is” model you develop.


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