Concert reports

All concerts should be attended within the Monday, OCTOBER 19 2015-FRIDAY DECEMBER 11 2015 only. Students are responsible for finding their own concerts.
You may attend concerts(including operas,ballets, musicals)at any place you wish (e.g.,in Chicago,Los Angeles, or abroad). Do not attend concerts in restaurants, bars, high schools.
there are some details about the concert Please submit a well thought out concert reports with detailed discussion of the music and performance of various songs Name of Ensemble/Group/Artist: Date and Place of Performance: Description of Musical Style: Textures used in performance. Also, name instrument(s) and/or voice(s): Your detailed impressions of the music/performance including critical remarks. Discuss different songs in the program: Public reaction to the concert (How successful was the performance?):Your detailed impressions; discuss music and performance of various songs. This is the most important question and it asks for detailed discussion of songs. Here you need to discuss music and performance of different songs in the concert. E.g., you may write that the first song was very dramatic, had a fast tempo, played by all musicians of the ensemble, the voice sang in a very high register, the music was loud and generally rather violent. At least write some details of the song which you heard.


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