Conducting a TNA at CapraTek

Conducting a TNA at CapraTek


In developing a training program, you might interview subject matter experts (SMEs) to gather data on training needs. This assignment will help you understand how to create strong questions for SMEs, and use the interviews to provide key documentation and data about those training needs. This assignment is based on the interviews you conducted in the CapraTek: Training Needs Assessment simulation.

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies:
•Assess an organization’s strategic plan for training.
•Demonstrate effective training program design, development, and implementation.

Assignment Instructions

After completing the CapraTek: Training Needs Assessment simulation (which is presented in the unit studies), write an analysis of your experience and results. (Refer to your downloaded copy of the simulation results.) Addressing the following in your analysis:
•Justify the questions you selected for the SME interviews.
•Justify the SMEs you selected to interview.
•Analyze the training program objectives, based on the SME interviews.

Assignment Requirements
•Written communication: Write in a professional style with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics.
•Resources: Include at least 1 peer-reviewed resource that is not from ATD or SHRM.
•APA formatting: Use APA (6th edition) style and formatting to present your references and citations.
•Length of paper: 5–6 typed, double-spaced pages.
•Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point.

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