Construction Law

The writer must be a qualified writer in UK, since I’m studying in UK university.
This order consists of two separate coursework, one is titled as Construction Law and the other is Advanced Construction Law. Two files to be uploaded, each represents the questions and guidlines of each coursework.
OSCOLA referencing style should be strictly followed.
Writer must strictly adhere to the minimum word counts shown at the end of each question (plus 5 – 10%), regardless of number of pages. Completed work for each coursework should not be under any circumstances ONE word less than the mentioned word counts, which is as following for each coursework:
1- Section A 1,800 words
2- Section B 1,350 words
Writer must respect the deadline with no impact on work quality, and it is necessarily required to complete at first the Construction Law coursework (file no. 1), since in case any unexpected delay happens, this coursework deadline is earlier than the second one.
The writer may use whatever sources he or she feels are most appropriate, however, a list of essential sources is being prepared to be considered by the writer, and will be uploaded very shortly. This should not delay the writer to start working.
Writer must include a table of content and bibliography and to arrange it should adhere to the coursework guidelines stated at the beginning of each coursework file. 
A plagiarism report is required.
All the above must be read in context with the coursework guidelines stated at the beginning of each coursework file.


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