Corporate Organizational Structure

Corporate Organizational Structure

Research and compose descriptions of a fictitious anonymous company’s IT Systems functional area and four main IT departments to demonstrate the organization’s support and interrelationships between the departments. Further, you will explore organization’s code of ethics and executive summaries of reports to understand what they are and how to compose them.

Your main task is to develop a broad overview of the mission and purpose of each IT department

Utilize paragraph structure, not outline format, and support your ideas with references.

Part A: IT Systems Functional Area
Describe the IT System Functional Area’s mission and purpose as related to the company’s objectives and growth.

Part B: Four Main IT Departments
Describe each of the following department’s mission and purpose as related to the company’s objectives and growth. For each department, recommend one approach for its IT professionals to maintain awareness of professional development events and trends.
1. Information Security and Assurance Department.
2. Network Architecture Department.
3. Software Architecture Department.
4. Web Strategies Department.

Part C: Code of Ethics
Explain how the company’s IT Systems functional area will adhere to an established organization code of ethics.

Part D: Executive Summary
Explain an executive summary of a report.

Part E: Reference List in APA Reference Format
Place your references here.

Part F: Appendix
Demonstrate use of the six-step critical thinking process to complete this assignment.


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