Correlation and Regression between GDP and unemployment

Assignment Description:


You will be expected to analyze one of the data sets you provided and write up an empirical project on the basis of this.

The instruction sheet for Empirical Project provides assignment submission instructions, complete details of how you should organize and format your project. The objective of the project is to apply statistical analysis that we have covered in the course using a real data taken from Internet or other data sources.


The Topic is the following:


  • Correlation analysis between GDP and Unemployment

(You can choose which countries)


What you should do is the following:


  1. Find at least two   scholar article dealing with the topic you have chosen( use JSTOR, EBSCO, Gcom ) .Using advanced searching option you can easily find articles dealing with statistical analysis and psychology, medicine environment …Define the concept you want to test .
  2. Collect real data or the time series files from the Internet sites


Instructions and Deadlines

  • Word size = 2000 (excluding tables and diagrams).
  • Treat this assignment as the first draft of a journal article.
  • All tables and graphics should be integrated with the text – choose

Representative and important information.



The paper should have the following sections:

  • Introduction;
  • Problem and Method description;
  • Data description and sources (web and other references )
  • Computer output, explanations about what you did and your results ;
  • A chart of your raw data and all your models;
  • Conclusion;
  • References (books, articles)


Useful addresses for historical data:





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