country risk analysis report

1:pick a country
2:Global business communication includes conducting and analyzing international research and communicating findings and making recommendations. A key global business report is a country risk analysis, which analyzes research information to determine the specific risks of doing business in a foreign country and makes recommendations. The purpose of the report is to inform business executive decision-makers about current risks and risk levels involved with pursuing business opportunities in the respective country. Students will select a foreign country, conduct research, analyze research information, and prepare a country risk analysis report with recommendations.

At least ten pertinent and current (five years or less) references must be used and properly cited adhering to APA format. At least five of the references must be from the University Library online databases. The report must include at least three graphics, charts, photos, drawings and/or tables. Report content length: 1,700– 2,500 words. The instructor may provide additional instructions about the assignment.
3: use ( choose another country and compare it then make and download a bar graph add in the reports and analysis it


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